Teaching high school has opened my eyes to just how fluid the process of obtaining and changing personal identity truly is. In order to survive high school, one must become very adept at adapting. I am fascinated watching my students unapologetically try on new identities, class-to-class, situation-to-situation, in an attempt to see what best fits them and the scenario. As soon as they seem situated though, something happens and a new identity is either adopted or assigned. This body of work attempts to capture the fractured nature of identity, especially that of high school identity. When installed, the work is hung near life-size, confronting the viewer. The photos are accompanied by interactive title plates that invite viewers to acknowledge society's role and participate in the process of assigning identity by adding, removing, and changing the identity stereotypes used as titles for each image.

Labeled - installation view

 © 2018 - Brian Harmon - Covington, KY