Athazagoraphobia - the fear of forgetting or of being forgotten. After watching several close relatives lose their personal histories to the nothingness of dementia, I have developed athazagoraphobia. I fear forgetting the big things (people, events, relationships) down to the minute things (that specific crack in our house's foundation, the way my son left his toys after playing with them on the sixth of January at 2:37 pm). It has become evident to me that I can no longer rely on my own memory to indefinitely house and protect my unforgettables. But if that is the case, what am I to do? How can I rest assured that my memories will be remembered? How can I create an insurance policy against loss that hereditarily is lying in wait? How can I express to others this need, compulsion even, to collect, catalogue and organize the precious moments and things of my life? These questions were the driving force behind this body of work. And although I am not sure an irrational compulsion can ever fully be understood, such a goal became my focus as I attempted to work through my fear of forgetting.

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